News from BDT

BDT Education hosted the mobility of "Art in Waste" Erasmus+ youth project in Eindhoven, Netherlands between 9-18 December 2022. The mobility included 37 young people from the Netherlands, Turkey, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany and Italy. 

Art in Waste youth project aimed to share new techniques, concept and approach with young people through enjoyable activities to reuse waste materials for promoting European Green Deal and a sustainable lifestyle. Encouraging and attracting people to change their consumption habits in a more eco-friendly way through creative recycling and media promotion with short videos and tutorials were among the priorities of the project.

Participants created their art with the theme of Christmas decorations and decorated their Christmas tree, which was built by them using waste wood pieces.

On the last day of our mobility, our participants got their Christmas gifts, provided by BDT, from the bottom of their handmade tree. The gift back-bags were actually produced from waste plastic which also strengthened the message of our project. Last but not least, the bags were fully stocked with snacks to be had on our participants' way back home! We are absolutely sure that our participants had a great time during the mobility and we do hope they enjoyed their gifts as well :)