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In the context of Erasmus+ Youth Exchange Project of which we are one of the partners, DRAMA Project "Disable Racism for Adaptation of ImmigrAnts" is hosting our Dutch participants in Kasterlee, Belgium. 

The project aiming to increase awareness towards the immigrants involves the participation of 6 countries which are The Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Italy, Slovakia and Romania. participants from various countries have gathered in Belgium to create theatre plays with the purpose of disabling racism. The theatre plays will be performed in a theatre saloon in Tielen, Belgium for free in the following days. To get informed regarding the details, please keep checking our website and social media accounts.

As well as creating a theatre play, 6 participants of ours representing The Netherlands performed a spectacular Dutch cultural night to inform the participants of other countries regarding The Netherlands.

We are very thankful to our participants for making the project marvellous with their contributions.