News from BDT


"Pastorella" preparations continue. Volunteer parents of our foundation are working together for "Pastorella", which will come to life as Doğa Education School. While creating a participatory learning environment for the students, our parents also created a participatory learning environment. The initiative is all about the creation of parents, grandparents for their children with them. Full speed works for the 23 April World Children's Day Activities and the opening of "Pastorella" continue.

What does "Pastorella" mean to us?


We will be on the journey of food from seed to harvest by discussing the intricacies of farming in the cycles of nature. In "Pastorella", we will try to understand and apply agricultural practices in harmony with nature in different parts of the world and the earth.


The school is not just a place surrounded by walls on all sides and with a roof on top. School is everywhere. During a forest, during mountain top. Schools are everywhere where learning and knowledge are available. You learn to live, to struggle, to fight nature. You learn to be knowledgeable and most importantly to respect yourself. If these are not available in a school, there is only a pile of stones there - Münir ÖZKUL